TanySweet, the harmony of flavor and exclusivity

Our premium line is the result of a long family tradition
dedicated to making that moment of eating
fruit truly special.

"The TanySweet experience is an an exquisite explosion of mouthwateringly natural flavors."


There’s no great mystery here, simply years of hard work and experimentation in pursuit of a dream:
to make that moment of enjoying fruit truly healthy, pleasurable and satisfying.

Virgin soils

Our fruit is the product of a natural, sustainable environment brimming with life. We select only the best virgin soils, taking advantage of every nutrient they have to offer and converting them into energy and flavor.

Personalised harvesting

Each fruit has its own unique personality. It is the fruit itself which tells us the best time to harvest in order to arrive at the perfect moment of ripeness on the consumer’s table, we simply listen.

Only the Finest plants

Our fruit is the the result of generations of hard work and passion dedicated to the art of developing the best fruits and vegetables that nature has to offer, adapting them to our soils, while constantly working to improve the taste, color and fragrance of each of our varieties.

Nurturing our trees.

We pamper our trees at every stage of the agricultural cycle: pruning, flowering, setting, ripening and harvesting. All these activities take place in accordance with natural agricultural protocols which respect the environment.

First class transport

Our premium quality constructed 8Kg boxes guarantee a secure and pleasant journey for all our fruit on pallets specifically designed for air and sea transport.

Environmental sustainability and Good agricultural practices

We are all responsible for the Planet we are going to leave to the future generations. It’s our love for the land that makes us return part of what we receive from it every day, with the respect and admiration for what it produces for us.


The seven varieties of MyFruitWorld all go to making that moment of enjoying fruit truly special: an exquisite explosion
of mouthwateringly natural flavors to satisfy the senses of the most discerning consumer.


May to September.


April to August.


April to August.


May to August.


Flat Peach
June to August.


Flat Nectarine
De junio a julio.


May to September.


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